Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause massive destruction and human suffering in the developing world. The poverty of these nations means that they do not always have adequate resources or infrastructure to respond effectively when disaster strikes.

The number of disasters have increased 7 times in the last 50 years. Those hit by disaster are already amongst the poorest in the world. Baptist World Aid Australia works not only to provide immediate relief during emergencies, but also links into longer term programs to reduce poverty, prepare for future disasters, and ultimately, bring lasting change in poorer communities.

Disaster management work is critical to Baptist World Aid’s mission to be love and end poverty.

How We Work

Our work in disaster management began over 50 years ago; helping refugees from World War II resettle in Australia. The 2004 South East Asian Tsunami prompted us to extend our emergency relief work to a more sustainable approach to disaster management.

Today we are connected to local Christian partners who can respond straight after a disaster has hit and remain there for long-term recovery.

We want to see communities not only recover from disaster but also continue to grow and develop after recovery activities have finished. So these days we link disaster relief and recovery to the longer-term aims of combating poverty. 

Risk Reduction, Response, and Recovery

The Disaster Action Fund enables Baptist World Aid to coordinate action plans to handle disasters and save more lives.

Reducing risk before a disaster strikes is the first way to lessen the impact on a community. Through community-led risk assessments and risk management training we can help save lives, protect livelihoods, and reduce the number and impact of injuries.

During a disaster local people play an active role as we respond through our field partners embedded in the communities.  Your donation to the Disaster Action Fund would assist in providing emergency food, shelter, clean water, and sanitation services.

After the initial emergency response it is important to plan long-term recovery and rebuilding of communities. This may take the form of rebuilding stronger homes, restoring infrastructure like water sources, re-establishing livelihoods through small loans or grants, and providing trauma counselling for children and adults.

Your contribution to the Disaster Action Fund saves lives and livelihoods before, during and after a disaster. 

For everything there is a season

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

There is a time for supplies of food, clothing, and shelter to meet the immediate crisis...

A time for rebuilding better….

A time for healing physical and emotional wounds…

A time to prepare to meet the next storm, flood or earthquake...

In partnership with Baptist World Aid you can stand with vulnerable communities through all these times. 

Current Emergency Responses

East Africa Drought Appeal

A severe El Niño period, which has been affecting weather on a global scale, has given way to drought across most of East Africa. Donate to our East Africa Drought Appeal and help us provide urgently needed emergency water and food aid to help vulnerable families survive.

Middle East Crises
We are currently raising funds to assist with immediate relief for the countries in the Middle East, initially focussing on health and hygiene kits, shelter and urgent food supplies for Iraqi refugees. 

Previous Emergency Responses

Philippines Typhoon Koppu

Typhoon Koppu hit Luzon island in the Philippines on 17th October, causing damage to homes and crops. 104,300 people have evacuated across the region and 26 people are confirmed dead.

Our partner in the Philippines, SAO Philippines, and the communities we work with in Luzon have been affected by severe flooding. While the wind and rain have decreased in strength, the volume of rainfall has caused massive flooding. We are currently helping to provide emergency food, safe drinking water and medicine to 300 households in Luzon. 

Asian Floods

Cyclone Komen brought extensive flooding and devastation to Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. Through our Intergal Alliance partners we are working to provide emergency relief in Bangladesh and Maynmar. To support our work in disaster relief, please donate to the Disaster Action Fund. 

Nepal Earthquake
We have been raising funds to provide emergency food and shelter, and are continuing to raise funds to help communities rebuild homes, and ensure that children can still attend school. 

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam
We are assisting with recovery of the agricultural sector and livelihoods. We are also providing risk reduction training to reduce the impact of the next cyclone. 

Solomon Islands Floods
In 2014 we raised money for severe flooding that devestated communities across the Solomon Islands and provided clean water, health, and hygiene kits and shelter. 

West Africa Ebola
Your donations helped fight the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014. 

The Philippines Typhoon Haiyan
In 2013 we responded to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, partnering with local partner SAO Philippines and worldwide alliance, Integral Alliance to provide immedate relief and ongoing long-term rehabilitation and training. 

Niger Food Crisis 
In 2012 we raised much needed funds for farming communities in Niger suffering from a severe food shortage.


To help reduce the impact of disasters in the developing world donate to our Disaster Action Fund today. 

Read more about our work today:

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