Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause massive destruction and human suffering in the developing world. The poverty of these nations means that they do not always have adequate resources or infrastructure to respond effectively when disaster strikes.

Those who live in communities consistently hit by natural and man-made disasters are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. That’s why Baptist World Aid Australia provides fast and effective relief focusing on both immediate needs, long-term rehabilitation and preparation for future disasters.

How does it work?

As part of a worldwide network of Christian agencies, Baptist World Aid provides funds to trusted local partners working in affected areas when disasters arise.

Our Disaster Management projects help in two vital ways:

  • When disaster strikes: Providing for people’s immediate needs, including medical assistance and distribution of food, water and temporary shelters and helping communities re-establish their homes and livelihoods in the months and years that follow a disaster.
  • Preparing for disasters: Working with communities vulnerable to disasters by planning ahead, learning from previous disasters, putting into action processes that lessen the shock of oncoming disasters and developing ways to respond more quickly.

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Current Emergencies

Nepal Earthquake

We have been raising funds to provide emergency food and shelter, and are continuing to raise funds to help communities rebuild homes, and ensure that children can still attend school. 

Cyclone Pam 

We are raising funds to assistant victims Cyclone Pam to supply urgently needed food, water and shelter

Middle East Crises

We are currently raising funds to assist with immediate relief for the countries in the Middle East, initially focussing on health and hygiene kits, shelter and urgent food supplies for Iraqi refugees. 

Past Emergencies

Solomon Islands Floods

In 2014 we raised money for severe flooding that devastated communities across the Solomon Islands and provided clean water, health and hygiene kits and shelter. 

West Africa Ebola

Your donations helped fight the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014. 

The Philippines Typhoon Haiyan

In 2013 we responded to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, partnering with local partner SAO Philippines and worldwide alliance, Integral Alliance to provide immedate relief and ongoing long-term rehabilitation and training. 

Niger Food Crisis 

In 2012 we raised much needed funds for farming communities in Niger suffering from a severe food shortage.