Child Sponsorship in Uganda

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Our partner, Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda, is a long-term Christian partner, committed to freeing both children and their families from poverty.  


Eastern and Central Uganda

How Child Sponsorship works here

SAO Uganda has been encouraging groups of parents, youth and children to meet regularly. The groups start by working closely with SAO to identify the issues they see in their community and possible solutions to those problems. One of the biggest issues in Uganda is food security, and the communities want to work together to be able to provide enough food for their children all year round.

Children's Clubs

Children's clubs are lead by the children themselves, deciding on topics they want to learn more about and activities they want to take part in. The clubs give feedback to their community and to SAO Uganda about the problems they face and the things they think are important. Working together they use pictures they have drawn, drama and songs to present their views to their parents and community leaders.

Children are also setting up school gardens to grow food at school, and are learning about health and nutrition. The children in the clubs are also learning how to save money, and older groups are receiving some vocational training.

The children have fun learning, but there is also time for developing friendships and for play.

Adults' Groups

Parents and other community members are also forming groups to focus on improving their food supply and increasing income. Some groups have set up a savings plan, and are making mats and baskets to sell at local markets. Training is also being provided to farming families to help increase their yields. This will help produce more food as well as more income. Parents are being encouraged to send their children to school, even when it is harvest time!