24 Jul 2015

Tax Justice Win!

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Tax justice is set to take a big step forward in Australia, as the government announces a plan to implement country by country reporting.

In the three years Baptist World Aid have been campaigning alongside Micah Challenge on tax justice,  we’ve seen enormous strides taken towards addressing the tax dodging exploits of multinational corporations, which continues to spirit hundreds of billions of dollars every year out of developing countries.

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22 Jul 2015

Dan ‘trekking for change’ in the foothills of Nepal…


In April 2016, a year on from the recent earthquake, we will be taking a team of world changers on a trip of a lifetime to Nepal! The team will experience the spectacular scenery of the Himalayas as they trek Nepal’s stunning Annapurna region, while also spending time with our local partners - a chance for the group to see first-hand how we’re ending poverty together.

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2 Jul 2015

Australia's Aid Program: Down, but far from out


In recent months, we’ve seen the Australian aid budget suffer from the biggest cut in the program’s history.  You’ve probably heard the statistics: a 20% cut, equating to about $1 billion, and a reduction that will mean by 2016/2017 our aid-to-Gross National Income (GNI) ratio will plummet from 0.32% to 0.22%.

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23 Jun 2015

Goats have superpowers!

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Did you know that goats have superpowers?

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20 Jun 2015

Federal Aid Cuts, More about Values than Economics

The cuts to Australia’s aid program in our latest budget say more about our values and priorities as a nation than it does about any economic imperative. Our aid program does so much good to help break down the barriers that hold people in poverty. It helps to save lives, vaccinate and educate children, improve governance, fund vital infrastructure and provides one mechanism by which we as a rich nation can do something meaningful to ensure that more people get to share in the abundance of God’s good creation. For many of us that believe that Australia, given its wealth and privilege, should be concerned about issues of international justice and the plight of the poor, these aid cuts represent a big step in the wrong direction.

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