7 May 2015

A story from Nepal - I can't live in my house any more!

After the Nepal Earthquake struck, our partner UMN has been able to respond and quickly distribute immediate emergency supplies such as food and simple shelter supplies. UMN have shared the following story with us from the village of Lele Sunal, just outside of Kathmandu.

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14 Apr 2015

Christianity and Politics Don’t Mix!

In the last few months I’ve had a lot of fellow believers come to me and say that Christianity and politics don’t mix, our only truly Christian focus should be evangelism. This view, or some variant on it, seems to be held by many Christian politicians as well. In a recent discussion with a member of government, he shared that he was shocked with how his party was treating asylum seekers, as well as how they were slashing aid to the world’s poorest people. When he asked the leaders of his party how they reconciled their faith to these policies, their response was, ‘you don’t bring your faith into politics’

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5 Apr 2015

Transformation – The Message from the Cross and hope for the poor

Easter is a time of reflection and celebration:  When Jesus died on the cross and then resurrected, He was transformed, and so was the world. 

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2 Apr 2015

From A Mum to the major supermarket chains

From a Mum to the major supermarket chains... and maybe your Easter egg producers too!

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