16 Dec 2014

Australian Aid cut makes us one of the Least Generous Nations in the World

Yesterday was a tough day for Australia. The morning started with news of the siege unfolding in Sydney which resulted in the tragic deaths of three people. From today Sydney will be a changed city and Australia a changed nation. I and many others will be holding the victims, their families, the Muslim community and our whole nation in our prayers.  Sadly, there was another piece of terrible news that was squeezed from the headlines by unfolding events. The Government, as part of its midyear economic and fiscal outlook (MYEFO), announced the biggest cut to Australian aid in the programs history, making us one of the least generous aid giving nations in the world!

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16 Dec 2014

A day to be fearful?

I cannot even begin to understand what people in the Lindt café in Martin Place went through yesterday. From the time the gunman walked in, shouting at people to stand against the window to act as his human shield, right up to the early hours of this morning, when police ended the siege and lives were tragically lost.

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16 Oct 2014

A Tale of Two Queues

Two Queues

Streams of people lined the street, eyes aflame and minds abuzz with anticipation. Many had slept out in the cold, some for weeks, waiting. But it would all be worthwhile, because soon they would be one of the first to hold, touch, smell and then use the latest iPhone.

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21 Aug 2014

Crises in the Middle East

Middle East Square

We are all becoming more horrified by the unfolding tragedies across the Middle East as the latest news speaks of atrocities afflicting minorities across the region.

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11 Aug 2014

Voices for Justice 2014 – 220 Christians, 100 Parliamentarians and a Whole World of Difference.

V4J Banner3

If someone told you you could influence the world’s leaders to tackle one of the biggest structural injustices in the world, would you believe them?  Or would you be brave enough to do it?? At this year’s ‘Voices for Justice’ event, 220 Christians from around the nation did exactly that, and the impact was amazing.

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