6 Jul 2016

The (reverse) cycle of poverty

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When I joined Baptist World Aid about a year ago, I was nervous about what I would find when I lifted the lid on an industry I wanted to admire. I arrived without any experience in the aid and development field. My working life had mostly been spent in the world of social policy, focussing on how we can break the cycle of poverty that many people in our own nation are trapped in.

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27 Jun 2016 interview2

Interview with a Kenyan mum

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Julia’s story is featured in the 2016 Matching Grant Appeal. She is married to Simon and they have four children, all still at school.

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24 Jun 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Ethical Fashion Guide

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Your Ethical Fashion Guide is the handy ethical shopping tool that accompanies the Australian Fashion Report. It’s your guide to what companies are doing to combat child labour, forced labour and worker exploitation in their supply chain. Having released three editions since 2013, the guide grades hundreds of brands from A-F on the strength of their workers’ rights management systems.

But how much of an impact is this little booklet really making?

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27 Apr 2016

Thankfulness in Action

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The winter sport season is here again and on any weekend adults and children are back on fields and courts across the country playing AFL, football, union, league, netball and basketball.

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