17 Apr 2014

Will you go insideout?

Parijan Square

Do you remember what happened on the 24th of April last year? Do you remember what time you got to work, or the classes you took at school that day? We may not remember the everyday things that happened in our lives on the 24th of April, but we need to remember a very significant event that occurred in Bangladesh that day.  Let me remind you…

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9 Apr 2014

A sweet Easter tale


Just in time for the happiest of Easters, Haigh’s Chocolates have announced UTZ certification.  This means a better deal for cocoa farmers and far less risk to children working in the cocoa industry in Africa, Latin America and the Pacific.

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5 Feb 2014

A Story Closer to Home


It's easy for statistics of child abductions overseas to be pushed to the back of our minds, however when such statistics become part of our own neighbourhood alarm bells start to ring. These statistics are more than just a number on a page, they are lives that have been lost and robbed of oportunity.

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28 Jan 2014

Australia - too poor to be generous?

Aid Cut Square

Last week the Government confirmed its plans to slash $650 million from Australia’s foreign aid budget, a massive 11% reduction. This is the single largest cut in the aid budget on record (with records going back to the 1970s). It is also the first time aid has been cut since 2000, when Australia signed up to the Millennium Declaration, and means that the aid budget will come in at $107 million less than was spent last year.

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6 Dec 2013

Remembering Madiba


As Nelson Mandela lay in hospital, during his final illness, a crowd of people gathered outside and began to sing for him. Each day the crowd grew for this frail, old man. They sang for him their love and thanks for what he had done for their nation of new South Africa. They also sang to thank God for this man’s life and to petition Him to let them keep their ‘Papa Madiba’ for just a little longer.

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