Thank you for getting involved in Be Love Sunday in 2013! You told more than 500 children that you believe in them by sponsoring them. Be Love Sunday will be on Sunday 10th August in 2014. Stay tuned for more information. 

Every child should believe.

Believe their world could change. Believe they could live a better life. Believe they could have a future and that the hardship and suffering of poverty might finally end.

And you too can believe for a better life for children living in poverty.

This is why Be Love Sunday is such a significant day.

You and your church can show God’s transforming love to the world’s poorest children through passionate prayer, being open to God’s teaching and lovingly sponsoring children.

This Be Love Sunday we are asking you to bring change to the worlds of children living in poverty. Take part in Be Love Sunday 2013 and equip your church to be love and end poverty for children.

This is your opportunity to turn God’s heart for children into action. Show you believe in them! Because to believe in a child is to love them. Sign up today!

1. Register your interest using the form here.

2. We will contact you within the week to discuss how you can be a change agent in your church and community.

3. Together with your church pastor, host Be Love Sunday in your church on August 18 or a date that suits you.