Growing up, my parents often reminded my brother and me of our blessed lives away from the struggles of poverty. From a young age, we learned and embraced responsibilities that come with a fortunate life such as helping those in need via child sponsorship, charity donations and volunteering.

Now we are adults, we not only appreciate the values instilled in us by Mum and Dad, we now also try to follow their example. I am forever thankful for the blessings my parents have showered over my life, and I am very proud that they continue to find new ways to be a blessing to others – like using their will to make a bequest to support Baptist World Aid’s work. What a wonderful thing to do!

Yesterday my parents made a decision to act on their values, today my brother and I embody those values, and tomorrow I look forward to passing these on to a family of my own.

Alicia Eggington


For as long as I can remember I have always been involved with supporting Baptist World Aid. I am a Baptist, so I’ve always wanted to support the Baptist aid agency, plus they do such amazing work! My husband also shared God’s heart to help those in need and worked for an aid organisation many years ago. We’ve supported project work and sponsored many children over the years and I still currently sponsor two children.

Now that my own children are grown up with their children of their own, they all have more than they need. So when it came to discussing what to do with my estate, they told me ‘do what you want with it mum!’ It was a natural thing for me to leave something behind to help those that are in great need; so I’ve chosen to include Baptist World Aid in my will. I know anything I leave them will be well used for the support of children and families in need.

Fay Bennett