Stop the Traffik is a global movement of individuals, churches, communities and organisations fighting to end slavery through advocacy and education.

Why we work with them

When it comes to advocacy Baptist World Aid chooses to work in coalition with others wherever possible, because we know that by standing together we are stronger than we are on our own.

Together with Stop the Traffik over the past few years we have raised our voices to chocolate companies including Cadbury, Nestle and Mars, and to clothing companies with the ability to choose ethically produced cotton.

Current Campaigns

We are working with Stop the Traffik to encourage companies to ensure there is no slavery in their supply chains. our Current campaigns are:

  • Guilty Indulgence - targeting the chocolate industry as many slaves are involved in cocoa farming in West Africa
  • Fashion Victims - targeting the fashion industry as child slavery is used in harvesting cotton produced in Uzbekistan.