Micah Challenge is a global movement that brings together Christians from all different denominations and backgrounds as well as over fifty Christian aid and development agencies, united in their shared belief that addressing poverty is integral to their faith. Micah Challenge seeks to do its part in addressing the problem of poverty through advocacy and education.

Why we work with them

When it comes to advocacy Baptist World Aid chooses to work in coalition with others wherever possible, because we know that by standing together we are stronger than we are on our own.

Over the past few years we have worked together with Micah Challenge to encourage our government to provide more and better aid, to improve child health and reduce maternal mortality, and to recognise that addressing climate change is essential for ensuring that progress on reducing poverty is not undermined.

Our current campaigns

We are currently working together with the Micah Challenge coalition on two campaigns aimed at ending poverty:

  • False Profits - working to remove corruption and make sure developing companies receive all their tax revenue
  • Dying for a Dunny - working to encourage our government to increase spending on water and sanitation programs in Australia's aid budget.