Catalyst is Baptist World Aid Australia’s advocacy program.

It equips and supports small, mostly church-based groups to follow God’s call to speak up for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised. Groups come together to learn about, pray about and act on global justice issues.

With more than 50 groups across the country speaking up together, our ability to create change and transform the lives of people suffering from injustice is remarkable. Working with Stop the Traffik and Micah Challenge, we have seen aid levels lifted, anti-slavery legislation implemented and companies dramatically change their supply chain practices. This has lead to the transformation of communities around the world and literally hundreds of thousands of lives changed.

Sign up to become a Catalyst group and we will resource and support you in your advocacy efforts. We will provide everything you need to start advocating to your politicians, within your churches and to companies. Some of these resources are available to download below.