God is the defender of those who are marginalised and his work is essential in the success of our programs overseas.

December: Be Hope - Prayer for our neighbours  

October 1-6 Praise God for the impact Australia’s international aid program has had. In 2014 alone, our aid program helped to vaccinate 2.3 million children, provided life-saving assistance to 10.2 million people affected by disasters and helped 2.9 million people gain access to safe drinking water. Give thanks for the many ways that Australian aid continues to help transform lives around the world.
October 7-13 Pray for Baptist World Aid as we lobby Government and speak out on behalf of Australian Aid. Please pray for us as we meet with Members of Parliament, talk to them about the long term impact good aid and development programs can have and ask them to ensure that their party commits to increasing aid to our fair share (70c out of every $100 of income).
October 14-20 Give thanks for the massive impact of our Australian Fashion Report. Praise God for the changes happening in the fashion industry since the release of this ethical fashion guide. Please pray that conditions for workers around the world will improve as a result of consumer lobbying and the subsequent positive steps of companies.
October 21-27 Praise God for faithful Advocacy groups in churches across Australia. Join us in giving thanks for Christians around the country who are praying, writing letters, talking to local politicians and advocating on behalf of those who are poor and oppressed! Pray for continued encouragement and joy.
October 28-31 Pray for our church relations team who spend many hours on the road each year visiting churches around the country and encouraging faith communities to get behind the work of Baptist World Aid. Praise God for their passion, hard work and faithful commitment!
  • December 1-6 Please pray for our drought stricken Pacific neighbours. The powerful El Niño in the Pacific region continues to worsen, with drought threatening food security (particularly in Papua New Guinea). Please pray for vulnerable communities throughout the Pacific and ask that God will give them the strength, resilience and resources to cope with this growing crisis. 

  • December 7-12 Please pray for the protection of our Pacific neighbours throughout the cyclone season. El Niño threatens to magnify the strength of major weather events in the Pacific region. Ask that God will grant our Pacific neighbours safety from disaster. 

  • December 13-18 Please pray for our global neighbours in Nepal. Since the adoption of its constitution in September 2015, Nepal has been troubled by a series of violent protests. As a result of the simmering unrest, India closed its borders, shortening the supply of essentials like fuel and cooking gas. With winter approaching, already vulnerable families are put further at risk. 

  • December 19-24 Please pray for our global neighbours who have been affected by the crisis in Syria. As temperatures drop below freezing, pray that our Christian partners working in the region (Medair and LSESD) will have enough resources to distribute to Syrian refugees who are made vulnerable to the winter months by displacement and poverty. 

  • December 25-31 Give thanks to God for the gift of His Son; our precious Saviour. Pray that He will continue to reveal the importance of loving our neighbours and ask that He will continually give us opportunities to demonstrate His love to the poorest of our global neighbours. 

January: Prayer for the Sustainable Development Goals

  • January 1-3 Pray that global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would be realised in an impacting and effective way. As a new year begins, the world is similarly entering a new season of global development. Ask that God will use 2016 to prepare the way for the SDGs to make powerful change at individual, community, organisational and governmental levels. 

  • January 4-10 Pray that the Australian Government will follow through on its promises to aid the world’s most vulnerable people. Our national commitment to aid is on track to be the lowest it’s ever been. As part of the SDGs, every rich aid-giving nation has affirmed the need to increase aid to 0.7% GNI. Pray that the Australian Government will honour that committment. 

  • January 11-17 Pray that the SDGs will act as an effective means for governments and leaders, worldwide, to work together. Ask that God will continue to give us His insight on how to promote unity on the path ahead. 

  • January 18-24 Pray that governments, organisations, communities and individuals will be blessed with Godly wisdom and inspiration as they engage with the SDGs. Pray that we, as Christians, will receive continuing revelation of how we can use the SDGs to further God’s vision for His creation. 

  • January 25-31 Give thanks to God for the incredible progress made by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Since the MDGs were agreed in 2000, child mortality has more than halved, maternal health has nearly halved and 91% of the global population now has access to clean water.

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