God is the defender of those who are marginalised and his work is essential in the success of our programs overseas.

July: The Single Thing That Can Change the World

July 1-3 This month marks the launch of our exciting new discipleship series, The Single Thing That Can Change the World, written by Rev. Scott Higgins. We are so privileged to have a theologian of Scott’s calibre who speaks with the heart of our organisation. Please thank God for the blessing that Scott is to Baptist World Aid Australia.
July 4-10 We believe that God has amazing things planned for this series. Please ask God to prepare the heart and mind of each person who encounters the message of The Single Thing That Can Change the World. Pray with us, that this series would have life-changing impact for all who take part in it.
July 11-17 Thank God for the generous love that he pours out on us. Ask Him for a fresh revelation of His generous love for you; and, to continue to grow your understanding of His love for others.
July 18-24 As an organisation, we are blessed daily by the faithful generosity of our Baptist World Aid Australia supporters. Without that support it would not be possible for us to do what we do. Thank God for the hearts of our supporters and their willingness to answer His call to Be Love to those who need it most.
July 25-31 We love because God first loved us. We are generous because He is generous. Ask that God will continue to help you make generosity a priority. Pray that He would show you how to build acts of generosity toward your family, friends, community and global neighbours into your daily life.

August: Pray for Child Sponsorship

Aug 1–7 Every year, in August, we encourage churches to share the incredible story of our Child Sponsorship program. This year Be Love Sponsorship Sunday falls on 14 August. Please thank God for this annual opportunity to celebrate childhood together!
Aug 8-14 This year on Be Love Sponsorship Sunday, you will meet Anne. Anne lives in Uganda, in a community where child labour and child marriage were common issues. But now, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you and the hard work of community members (like Anne and her parents), she doesn’t worry about child marriage anymore. And she doesn’t go to work – she goes to school. Praise God for Anne’s incredible story.
Aug 15–21 If you have a sponsor child, please spend the week praying for them. Ask God to bless their studies and to be with their families. If you do not have a sponsor child, please pray for all of the unsponsored children in their program. Thank God for leading them to be a part of our program and for the incredible stories of change they have to tell because of it.
Aug 22–28 Our Child Sponsorship program operates across Africa and Asia and is implemented by our committed Christian partners. Please pray for our partner staff as they carry out this important work. Ask that God would give them protection, strength and wisdom.
Aug 29-31 Please thank God for the change that our Child Sponsorship program is helping to bring to not just individuals, but whole communities. Thank God for the far-reaching positive impact of this program.


September: Pray for our Disaster Action Fund

Sept 1–4 The work of our Disaster Action fund saves lives before, during and after disaster. Please thank God for the life-saving work of our Disaster Action Fund, which is constantly being carried out by our Christian partners. Please ask that God would continue to keep our field workers safe and give them the strength and wisdom they need to minister to victims of disaster.
Sept 5 – 11 The world’s poorest people live in the most disaster prone areas. And poverty makes them even more vulnerable to disaster. Our Disaster Action Fund allows us to prepare families to survive disaster. Please pray that God would continue to protect these families, many of whom, live in constant fear of the next disaster.
Sept 12–18 Our Disaster Action Fund allows us to respond immediately when disaster strikes. Thank God that, this year, our Disaster Action Fund has allowed us to save lives in Fiji after Cyclone Winston and provide lifesaving drought relief in Papua New Guinea.
Sept 19–25 Our Disaster Action Fund allows us to invest in long-term plans for rebuilding communities, and lives, after the initial emergency response is over. It takes a long time to recover from disaster. Although it has been 12 months since the Nepal Earthquakes, the country’s recovery is still far from complete. Please continue to pray for the victims of the Nepal Earthquakes, ask that God would keep them healthy, minister to their spirits and give them the strength they need to complete the work ahead of them.
Sept 26–30 In a world where the incidence of disaster is on the rise, we are fortunate to be a part of a global alliance that allows us a greater reach in times of disaster. Thank God for the 23 Christian relief and development agencies that are the Integral Alliance. Ask that He would strengthen our relationships with each other and further increase our effectiveness.

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