God is the defender of those who are marginalised and his work is essential in the success of our programs overseas.

June: Matching Grant and Multiplication

  • June 1-5 We recently launched our annual Matching Grant appeal and shared with our supporters the amazing story of Julia from Kenya. Thank God for the wonderful Community Development work which will be made possible in countries like Kenya, by the funds raised through this appeal.
  • June 6-12 By investing in women like Julia, the impact of Community Development projects (like the one Julia is a part of in Kenya) can be multiplied. Our Christian Partners taught Julia better agricultural techniques. Now her family has more food and she can to pay her children’s school fees. Pray that God multiplies the impact made by our Community Development projects.
  • June 13-19 17 June is World Day to Combat Desertif cation and Drought. Great progress has been made on these issues in Kenya through our Community Development projects. Praise God for the blessing of sand dams to people like Julia, which make water so much easier to fi d and access.
  • June 20-26 Please thank God for the continued support of the Australian Government as it funds the development work of Baptist World Aid Australia. Australian Government Funding is determined by the level of support given to us by our supporters. Pray that God will continue to multiply the funding we are blessed with as an organisation.
  • June 27-30 Thank God for blessing our nation fina cially and for the opportunities we are given to share that blessing with others who so desperately need it. Pray for the wise use of our taxes by our national leaders. Ask that it will be a blessing for those groups and communities who need it most.


July: The Single Thing That Can Change the World

  • July 1-3 This month marks the launch of our exciting new discipleship series, The Single Thing That Can Change the World, written by Rev. Scott Higgins. We are so privileged to have a theologian of Scott’s calibre who speaks with the heart of our organisation. Please thank God for the blessing that Scott is to Baptist World Aid Australia.
  • July 4-10 We believe that God has amazing things planned for this series. Please ask God to prepare the heart and mind of each person who encounters the message of The Single Thing That Can Change the World. Pray with us, that this series would have life-changing impact for all who take part in it.
  • July 11-17 Thank God for the generous love that he pours out on us. Ask Him for a fresh revelation of His generous love for you; and, to continue to grow your understanding of His love for others.
  • July 18-24 As an organisation, we are blessed daily by the faithful generosity of our Baptist World Aid Australia supporters. Without that support it would not be possible for us to do what we do. Thank God for the hearts of our supporters and their willingness to answer His call to Be Love to those who need it most.
  • July 25-31 We love because God fi st loved us. We are generous because He is generous. Ask that God will continue to help you make generosity a priority. Pray that He would show you how to build acts of generosity toward your family, friends, community and global neighbours into your daily life.


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