We can only really love and reach out to the poor if we first listen to their stories and come alongside them to support as they work to change their world.

Mani’s Story

Mani lives with his family in a remote community in Nepal. They had no access to clean water, so he and his family had no choice but to drink from an unclean stream. This same stream provided all the water for washing, cleaning clothes and watering the animals.

Due to sickness from the unclean water Mani missed many days of work and his children, many days of school. One year, an outbreak of cholera from unclean water killed 13 villagers.

Baptist World Aid Australia’s partner, International Nepal Fellowship, came to this village, listened to the stories of the villagers and provided education around water and sanitation. The villagers worked together to install a water pump and with the savings from decreased medical bills Mani was able to send all of his children to school. By taking the time to listen to the stories of families in Mani’s village, our partner knew how to respond and the community's livelihoods and wellbeing have dramatically improved.