Be Love - Book, Bible Study and Preaching Guide

Christians have an important role to play in helping bring extreme poverty to an end. The "Be Love" book and resources will help you and your church explore five simple, yet powerful things, we can do right here in Australia to be an agent of change for people living in poverty.

About "Be Love"

Each chapter explores simple, practical ways to build these five things into our lives. You’ll have the opportunity to go beyond occasional acts of kindness to the construction of lifestyles that brings blessing to people living in poverty. And in the process you’ll discover that God wants to achieve more than we could possibly imagine in us and through us.

Five ways to love the poor:

1. Be open to God’s heart for people who are poor and to aligning our hearts with God’s. Allow our understanding of poverty and its place in our lives to be transformed by our reading of the Bible.

2. Be fair in how we consume. Simple choices about the products we buy and the way we use resources can have life changing impacts for people living in poverty.

3. Be vocal in speaking up for justice. Our voices are powerful tools for ending poverty if we call governments and corporations to act justly toward people living in poverty.

4. Be generous with our resources in supporting the development of poverty free communities.

5. Be prayerful for people living in poverty. We believe in a living God who is acting to bring justice to the poor and our prayers should be thoughtfully made to this end.