Vulnerable Children: who are we talking about?

A little girl is sold into sex slavery; a little boy is forced into labour. But this is not where their story starts. Any child living in poverty - without enough food to eat, clean water to drink, or an education - is extremely vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, malnutrition and trafficking.

Which is why prevention is key.

Working with communities to ensure that children are safe, loved and nurtured, the Vulnerable Children Fund supports projects that educates parents about the risks facing their children and helps them to find ways to improve their income. Parents that can support their family can provide schooling, food and a secure home to protect children BEFORE they are abused or exploited.

But what if it’s too late?

The Baptist World Aid Vulnerable Children Fund also supports projects that provides parents with access to networks that will help them find missing children, bring them home safe, and help them heal. 

What can I do?

Your monthly pledge to the Vulnerable Children Fund is the best way to ensure support for long-term prevention projects. You can also give a one-off gift.

Visit our FAQs page or find out where we work with Vulnerable Children on our What we Do Map in the Child Sponsorship and Community Development areas.