Make an even bigger impact by running your own gift stall today!

Show others how much you care!

Demonstrate your passion for ending poverty by holding a Gift Stall in your church, school or community this special season and throughout the year!

What a great way to help those you love, work with and care about and make a huge difference for those in need.

Holding a gift stall is fun and easy! You’ll give members of your community an opportunity to choose a gift and receive a gift card on the spot and, by doing so, help change lives all year long.

Please let us know that you're ready to make a BIG impact by filling out the Gift Stall registration form below.

We’ll then send a Gift Stall kit with: 

  • Complete instructions and essential paperwork
  • Printed copies of The Little Book of Big Gift ideas, gift cards, and envelopes*
  • A special poster and other promotional resources

*Additional gifts and cards can also be provided

Thank you!