The 8th of May marks 6 months on since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. Whilst it has been a long road to recovery, and there is a huge journey ahead of us, so much progress has been made in the recent few months and we wanted to share some highlights with you.

Shopkeepers express their thanks

We received close to $1.1 million AUD in funding for our relief, rehabilitation and recovery efforts in the Philippines and we have worked with three partners closely on the ground, SAO Philippines, World Renew and Medair.

We have also engaged in capacity building with Philippines Baptist Conventions through the Asia Pacific Baptist Aid Committee (APBAid), assisting 20,000 households, or approximately 100,000 people.

Through these partnerships, your support has been able to assist approximately 243,500 people. Thank you!  

SAO Philippines, our Child Centred Community Development project partner on the ground, provided immediate relief through food, water, hygiene packs and education resources for children who weren’t able to attend school. World Renew and SAO Philippines in partnership with Baptist World Aid are currently preparing a long-term plan for shelter reconstruction as many houses were lost in the communities where our supporters sponsor children.

Through our partnership with Integral Alliance, a specialist disaster relief alliance, we have also partnered with Medair and World Renew. These partners have assisted with emergency shelters, health supplies and training, psychosocial support and income generation through a “cash for work” project.

We have also been able to support a large area of the Philippines through Baptist Conventions who are working to build shelters, restore livelihoods and continue to provide trauma care. In a recent report from APBAid we were encouraged to hear:

“The months of March and April saw a dawning of hope for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Even though signs of devastation still remain in the scenery, the strong spirit of resilience ushered in new and challenging opportunities of building partnerships for early recovery effort in the affected areas.”

Please read Josephine’s story here, as she recounts the terror as the Typhoon hit yet bravely talks about getting her life back on track with the support of World Renew.

We will continue to partner with SAO Philippines and World Renew until at least June 30, 2015 which will have a sustainable and lasting impact on the people of the Philippines affected by the Typhoon.  

Please join us in continuing to pray for the Philippines today as they hit this significant 6 month milestone.

  • Pray for efforts on the ground to construct durable shelters ahead of the next season of tropical cyclones.
  • Pray for our partners as they continue to find ways to restore livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. Livelihoods not only provide income to communities, but also dignity and a sense of worth.
  • Pray for the children in our Child Centered Community Development projects. Many schools were destroyed in the Typhoon, so please pray that children will still have access to education and be kept safe from disease during the next stage of rehabilitation.