Donate to Disaster Plus 

Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause massive destruction and human suffering in the developing world.

While some of these events make the news in Australia and inspire people to donate to an Australian disaster relief fund, many are silent tragedies that don’t receive the support needed to help those affected.

Those who live in communities consistently hit by natural and man-made disasters are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. That’s why Baptist World Aid provides fast and effective relief focusing on both immediate need and long-term outcomes. When you donate to disaster relief organisations such as Baptist World Aid, you're empowering a local emergency management organisation to provide assistance and emergency care on the ground, where and when it's needed.

Baptist World Aid also funds disaster preparedness work in many of our projects to help communities prepare for natural disasters and reduce loss of life and impact on their livelihoods when they occur.

Baptist World Aid Australia’s Disaster Plus - Disaster Management Fund exists to provide immediate relief assistance in emergency situations. When you donate to our national disaster relief fund, you're helping make sure we have the resources that are needed, ready to go - before it's too late.

As part of a worldwide network of Christian agencies, Baptist World Aid works with trusted local partners to provide assistance when disasters occur. These funds help provide for the immediate needs of those affected and help individuals and families re-establish their homes and livelihoods in the months and years following a disaster.

The Disaster Management Fund also supports projects that work to prevent or minimise the effects of potential disasters, such as:

  • improving river embankments to reduce monsoonal flooding,
  • establishing and training disaster management teams to coordinate efforts during floods or cyclones,
  • helping families and communities plant drought resistant crops and establish irrigation systems and extra water sources for times of drought.

Current Emergencies

Past Emergencies

When extreme emergencies strike and our overseas partners undertake significant relief efforts, we launch a specific Emergency Relief campaign to raise the extra funds needed.

  • Niger Food Crisis Appeal
  • Philippines Typhoon Haiyan
  • Solomon Islands Flood Appeal

Should you have any further questions about Baptist World Aid and our work as an emergency management organisation in Australia and overseas, please contact us on 1300 789 991 or