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Like many families in Nepal, Sahmila, her husband and their three children live together in a small, one room house.

But unlike most families they also share their home with two buffalo that live, eat and defecate only a metre away from their kitchen stove. The soot from the stove lines the house and the children suffer repeated lung infections.

But things are changing for Sahmila. She and her family recently joined with others in her community to work with our local Christian partner HELP Nepal. Together they are finding ways to address the causes of their poverty in their community through grassroots community development work.

"For the first time since I can remember, I have hope" Sahmila

Understanding Sahmila’s situation, HELP Nepal helped her build an ingenious toilet, which not only manages human and animal waste, but also turns it into a valuable resource.

The toilet is connected to a biogas system so that the gas from the waste can be used as clean cooking fuel for the stove. What’s more, after six months the waste can be used as fertiliser for their garden.

Safe disposal of waste, less soot and a more productive garden means a healthier and better fed family and now they are looking forward to a brighter future - and when you donate to community development online, you can help ensure that this continues.

How your support helps

In every poor community across the world, persistent poverty exists because of a lack of access to resources and opportunities. When you choose to support Baptist World Aid, you choose to donate to sustainable community development and valuable permanent infrastructure that empowers people in need to help themselves.

Baptist World Aid Australia’s community development training and infrastructure projects follow a holistic approach to combat the causes of poverty and empower communities themselves to be agents of change. When you donate to community development organisations such as Baptist World Aid, you're helping to fund real long term improvements.

A key component of our projects is involving local people in the design and delivery of the project activities. This offers a dignified and sustainable route out of entrenched poverty. When you donate to community driven development, communities in need are empowered to maintain these improvements well into the future.

Baptist World Aid projects focus on issues like:

  • improving family incomes
  • ensuring the community has access to safe water and adequate sanitation
  • improving nutrition and good health practices among families
  • building literacy, numeracy and small business skills.

This child centred community development provides a safe and secure foundation on which communities in need can build.

A Regular Gift to End Poverty

Making a regular community development donation is about building healthy communities.

  • places where people can feel safe, bring up a family, know where their next meal is coming from, and can get help when they need it.  
  • places where mothers don’t die in childbirth, where babies don’t get sick from dirty water, where fathers have a steady job.
  • places where vegetables grow, animals graze and children play, and everyone has big hopes for their futures.

Your gift each month will support life-changing community development work.


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