The Vulnerable Children Fund supports projects that help children who end up in extremely vulnerable situations, such as:

  • Coerced into sex slavery 
  • Trafficked into physical and sexual abuse
  • Forced into child labour in shops, factories and plantations

... please help stop this happening to these precious children of God.



MONTHLY DONATION. Yes! I commit to the Vulnerable Children Fund because I want to stop the trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse of children.

SINGLE DONATION. My gift will help rescue children like Savita and provide education for communities on abuse and child labour.

Your commitment to the Vulnerable Children Fund will help:

  • Rescue children from abusive situations and reunite them with their families
  • Fight against human traffickers and abusers and bring them to justice
  • Increase income for poor families to reduce the chances of children being trafficked or sold, help give them the opportunity to attend school... and protect their childhoods and innocence
  • Prevent traffickers from ever getting a foothold through community education on trafficking, abuse and child labour. Every child should be loved and cherished…

Psalm 127:3 says “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord…”

As a blessing from God, children should be loved, nurtured and kept safe from harm.

Yet each year, unimaginable numbers of children are trafficked into sex slavery, forced marriages, sweatshops or sold into bonded labour.

Poverty pushes children and their families to the edge of desperation, easy prey for traffickers.

Every child is a blessing. Every child is precious to God.

Please commit to the Vulnerable Children Fund today.