It’s Christmas! It’s time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s greatest gift and expression of love to us. And it’s a great opportunity to do more than exchange gifts with your loved ones.

Let’s reach out and respond to Jesus’ call to “love your neighbour”. That includes your global neighbours, especially the poorest of the poor.

Like Thelma, from one of the poorest islands in the Philippines. She went from living in poverty to loving her own neighbours.

This mother of 7 learned new livelihood and business skills through the Share Group in her community. So now she can not only feed her own family, she has the means and the heart to help others.

Her Share Group provides help to people in hospital and pays for school supplies for the poorest children in her community.

When the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 helped the injured man, he did more than just give money. He took him to an inn. He promised to pay his medical expenses. And he came back to check on his recovery.

In the same way, when you support the Be Hope Christmas Appeal, you’re doing more than just giving money. You are: 

  • Lifting mums, dads and children out of poverty
  • Replacing hunger with food and healthy families
  • Making communities self-sufficient and giving them a chance to give back themselves.

Thank you for loving your neighbours in the world’s poorest countries this Christmas!

Love your neighbour this Christmas

Love your family neighbours in poverty with a nutritious vegetable garden to keep them healthy.
Love your child neighbours in poverty by providing school supplies and tutoring.
Love your child neighbours in poverty with life-saving hygiene training and supplies to protect them from disease.
Love a whole community of neighbours by providing livelihood training and business skills to help lift them out of poverty.
Donate what you can to give hope to families and communities living in poverty.

*Donations to the Christmas Appeal are tax deductible and support our Community Development work across Asia, East Africa and the Pacific.