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On Be Love Sponsorship Sunday, your church can give children in poverty LIFE, LOVE and HOPE through Baptist World Aid child sponsorship!

For your church, Be Love Sponsorship Sunday is a great time to celebrate and pray for children in your community as well as those living in poverty.  As you do this, you can offer the opportunity for people to share God’s love by sponsoring a child.

August 9 is the official day, but you can run a Be Love Sponsorship Sunday anytime it suits your church!

Register your church now! There are lots of resources on this site. PLUS, when you complete registration we’ll send you:

  • Sponsorship Brochures: Great to hand out to people on Be Love Sponsorship Sunday. Includes sponsorship information and a form to sponsor a child.
  • Child Profiles:  Children available for sponsorship on the day. Includes a photo and information about a child that needs a sponsor, and a form to sponsor that child immediately.