Baptist World Aid Australia is a Christian aid and development organisation. Our practices are informed by our reading of the Christian Scriptures and by current developmental theory.

We believe that God created a world where human beings would flourish as they enjoyed right relationships with their Creator, with one another, with the rest of creation and within themselves. Human sin has fractured these relationships. ‘Development’, or the positive change God wants for people, occurs as they move towards right relationships with God, others and the rest of creation.

The Christian Scriptures identify poverty as a particularly galling expression of the way sin fractures wellbeing. The poor are locked out of access to the abundance of the earth, relegated to the margins of society and denied the opportunity to participate in the calling to steward the earth and its resources.

God however is at work to overcome this. As poor communities develop livelihoods, regain their voice, and participate in decisions that affect their lives they are developing towards the world of right relationships God intends.

For a fuller explanation, download our theology of development statement below.

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