We believe that God wants a better future for people living in poverty. We support indigenous Christian organisations that help communities to imagine the better future God wants for them and to pursue it for themselves.

Working through indigenous Christian organisations

Baptist World Aid Australia partners with indigenous Christian organisations overseas. These organisations facilitate community development programs in communities with high levels of poverty. We work with Christian partners because they share with us a Biblically framed understanding of the better future God wants for people living in poverty. We work with indigenous partners because they have the best insight into their own communities and are best placed to help empower local communities to own and pursue that better future.

Baptist World Aid currently has 46 partners running 74 projects in 18 countries. We provide these partners with financial support, accountability and training to become effective agents of change. We also learn from our partners and value the opportunities they provide to help us grow in effectiveness.

Working with communities

Poverty leaves people hungry, malnourished, susceptible to disease and early death, uneducated, dispossessed, excluded and more. While the impacts are felt by individuals, lasting solutions involve whole communities. We support work that enables communities to identify God’s better future and to take action together to create that future.

Our Areas of Work

Community Development

Our Community Development projects work with communities to identify the causes of their poverty and discover ways to use their strengths to build sustainable solutions. We partner with local Christian organisations who support, resource and train communities as they put their plans to overcome poverty into action.

Child Centred Community Development

If children are to enjoy God's better future, they need to live in safe and nurturing communities that  listen to children's voices, in households with secure and nutritious food and enough income to  meet their needs, and so much more.

Our Child Sponsorship and Vulnerable Children Fund programs work with children, families and communities to help them create places that nurture children’s wellbeing, bring about long-term change and create a better future for all children.

Disaster Management

When disasters strike, we fund our partners to carry out emergency relief work and rehabilitation for affected communities. We also work with vulnerable communities to help them prepare for potential disasters.


We mobilise Australian supporters and churches to ‘defend the rights of the poor and needy’ (Pr 31:9) through giving, advocacy, ethical consumption and prayer.