Baptist World Aid 

We dream of a world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy fullness of life. We believe this is God’s heart for every person on the planet and we praise God as this becomes a reality for children, families, and communities around the world.

You and your church can join with us to ‘be love’ to people living in poverty in Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific by supporting our projects, which are facilitated by indigenous Christian world aid organisations committed to sharing Christ’s love with people living in poverty.

  • You can financially and prayerfully support life transforming development projects.
  • You can join our advocacy campaigns that speak up for justice and have achieved astonishing results.
  • You can discover ways to consume that will help rather than harm poor communities.

In partnership with us as an international aid organisation, you’ll discover powerful ways to bring blessing and justice to people who are poor. Together, as we remain open to Jesus’ call to love our neighbour, we will discover that through us God is achieving much more than we could ever imagine. It’s simple really...Be love. End poverty.